Mobitec ICU402 USB Controller & Blanking Plate LED Flip Dot Bus Destination




PSV Automobilia proudly introduce….
A Mobitec ICU402 USB-programmable destination controller, the latest specification destination controller from Mobitec. This example is complete with the ICU400 blanking plate, so will slot perfectly into the recess made for your ICU400. These blanking plates are £20 alone from McKenna Brothers plus VAT.
USB programming, tucked away behind a hinged compartment to ensure the USB port remains in tip-top condition throughout its life.
LCD screen with LED back lighting make visibility in all lighting easy. This powers down after 20 seconds or so in order to reduce power consumed by the unit, great for power saving in a home or to save the fuel on your vehicle.
Grab a bargain for a rare and in-demand piece.
Please be sure to check back with us for more Mobitec equipment shortly, for LED displays, flip dot pixel displays, controllers, wiring, junction boxes and even programming services.
Please ask if you should require any specific unit, or more than one of a particular product.
Why purchase from PSV Automobilia?
At PSV Automobilia, we have extensive experience with Hanover LED and flip dot matrix displays and have supplied the industry with high-quality, 100% guaranteed displays for a number of years. Items are delivered by hand wherever possible to ensure they arrive promptly and in the condition in which we expect. Should a courier be required, we have had specialist materials made to ensure the displays are adequately protected when in transit to their new home. We have the exact requirements for your single vehicle or large fleet at a fraction of the cost of new blinds.
Overseas Buyers
Overseas buyers are welcome, we have sent these displays to over 50 countries across the world for use inside and outside of buses. Please contact us for a quotation for postage & packaging. The international postage charges shown on the listing are not accurate. All deliveries outside of the UK MUST be sent via tracked / recorded courier.
This unit is GSP friendly!
Payment Options
Any way you can pay…its accepted by PSV. Bank transfer, cheque, postal order or even cash on collection. Whatever way suits you. 
Additional Information
Do you need any extra information? Maybe photographs or even a video? Have we missed something? Whatever you question or query is, please get in touch and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability right away.


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